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NAME Cement Fibre Siding

- Product Description 

       Fiber cement board siding tree pattern surface texture, the composition of cement raw materials, fibers and sand wood products do not need to do anti-humidity and anti-moth-eaten processing, suitable for direct installation in outer walls, warranty for 50 years. 

 - Product specifications

Board weight: 12 kg / O

Specifications: 200 〜 3000 〜 8 mm / Article Board weight:12kg/O

- Product color and accessories

Primary                   Light yellow
Light brown            Light brown 
Brown                     Dark brown
Dark brown             Gray
Blue                        Pick color
Apricot                    Redwood color
Redwood color       Redwood color
- Technical performance
Fire performance: No incombustibility A level
Density: 1.38g / cm3
Wet water rate: 0.157%
50-year warranty
Peg board panels can be laid flat or stacked two boards need to install a stent in the keel; apply to villas, leisure and residential and other construction sites.


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