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NAME: Rectangle Shape

"Building materials" asphalt tile copper
"Commodities source C1" asphalt tile copper
"Commodities source C2" asphalt tile copper
    "Michael Czech" asphalt tile series copper copper are 99.3% pure copper, copper flow of time experienced the evolution of copper to bronze, so that buildings demonstrate a sense of history of Mei-li, and copper roofing tile is not only used in decoration, can also be used for wall decoration. 
"Building materials" asphalt tile copper
¨         copper thickness: 100 micron
¨         copper tile specifications (cm / piece): 60 × 33
¨         exposed copper瓦安loaded the size (cm / piece): 19
¨         Weight (kg / sq m): 6.96
¨         Shop W / m: 8.77
 "Commodities source C1" asphalt tile copper
l         copper thickness: 100 micron
l         exposed copper l size (cm): 29
l         Specifications (cm / piece): 99 × 33
l         Weight (kg / sq m): 11
l         Shop l W / m: 6.97
"Commodities source C2 "asphalt tile copper
u        copper thickness: 100 micron
u        exposed copper size (cm): 14.5
u        Specifications (cm / piece): 99 × 33
u        weight (kg / sq m): 11
u        Shop W / m: 6.97
-Color products and accessories
Copper and brass color.
-Technical performance
B2-class fire.
Applicable to a variety of roof and wall shapes.
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