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NAME Roof Widow

- Product Description
    Inclined roof skylights autoclaved wood at high temperatures to deal with anti-deformation, as well as the handling of anti-moth-eaten, not to keep logs of a sense of texture and color, and dark gray aluminum alloy housing with drainage board, fashion and create a "bright space ", so that the top of your living environment comfortable.
 - Product specifications
 78 〜 98 cm
78 〜 118 cm
 78 〜 140 cm
 114 〜 118 cm
 114 〜 140 cm
- Product color and accessories
 There are white timber window frames and window frames color two. Way to open a window in a window hanging, hanging on the window and fixed window of three. There are matching curtains and screens.
In hanging window   Hanging on the window
Fixed window           Aluminum alloy housing drain
Indoor full shade curtains 
Indoor Roller curtain
Outdoor umbrella-type sunshade canopy 
Indoor screens
3 +18 +3 mm tempered glass hollow
-Technical performance
3 +18 +3 mm hollow glass design, can effectively prevent the indoor and outdoor temperature difference caused by fog, the strength of hollow design that can withstand the weight of snow pressure breaking glass, waterproof design patent, the water will not be encountered in the rain infiltrated the inside of glass .

The design of outdoor drain tiles perfect convergence with in order to achieve effective drainage and waterproof effect.


Skylights to be 150-900 in the sloping roof is installed, for larger holes can be used around or do the whole portfolio.

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